DevOps engineer able to develop and maintain infrastructures but also to tackle many subjects, mainly related to the industrialization of commercial solutions. Able to provide in-depth expertise on a wide technological range

Cross-disciplinary skills will be put to the service of dialogue between teams, but also of customer relations, with simplicity in the dialogue as well as continuous building of trust. My sociability and my ability to adapt will be put at the service of integration into the team, its gain in confidence and in the daily relationship will be an asset in the establishment of team synergies, in its development and maintenance in a short, medium and long term perspective. Move forward, always keeping a priority interest in the quality of all the artifacts for which the team will be responsible.
Note, an avowed passion for computers and self-study on all subjects related to it. This passion will constantly push me to innovate and guarantee a strong qualitative definition on the subjects I deal with.

Professional experiences

OneSpan – Since 2023

OneSpan – Principal DevOps

Montréal (Quebec) – Canada


DevOps vision holder for the mobile security department. In charge of the development of DevOps activities, the maintenance of infrastructures, the support of development teams in a collaborative approach. Propose a vision, plan and apply actions to place the mobile security department in a new technological, operational and organizational era. These are all the activities I do on a daily basis at OneSpan in the mobile security department

  • Definition of roadmaps and architectural alignments
  • DevOps support for developers
  • AWS Account Provisioning
  • Development and deployment of Terraform recipes
  • Maintains Kubernetes cluster operational status
  • Promotion of Agile techniques

SSENSE – 2021 – 2023

SSENSE – Senior DevOps Engineer

Montréal (Quebec) – Canada



SSENSE – 2021 – 2022

SSENSE – Senior DevOps and Technical Lead – Interim

Montréal (Quebec) – Canada



SSENSE – 2018 – 2021

SSENSE – DevOps Engineer

Montréal (Quebec) – Canada


It is at SSENSE that the deepening of my DevOps profile is made possible in addition to my skills in Cybersecurity. Daily DevOps activities, including improving, updating, auditing, and maintaining production Kubernetes clusters, as well as integration and test environments. Development and maintenance of infrastructure hosted at AWS using automation tools. The implementation of projects related to application security.

The support offered to our development teams allows me to improve my ability to analyze the proposed topics and also broaden the fields of the topics covered.

  • Operations to maintain the infrastructure in operational condition
  • Definition of Terraform coding standard
  • Terraform agnostic modules writing
  • Deployment of Terraform recipes for the development of the AWS infrastructure. But also machine provisioning based on SaltStack
  • Maintaining multiple Kubernetes clusters
  • Helm chart and Docker resource creation
  • Taking into account the aspect of infrastructure costs.
  • Realization of IAM key management tools based on Python
  • Development and improvement of the continuous integration platform
  • Implementation of work techniques for securing activities concerning DevOps microservices

CGI – 2016-2018

CGI – IT engineer

Montpellier (Hérault) – France


It was with CGI that it was possible to highlight my DevOps profile and my ability to adapt: ​​implementation of continuous integration platforms (PIC); recognition as a focal point in this regard. Thanks to this level of technicality, taking responsibility for an application center. Intervention on topics related to cybersecurity with the management of an SSO for a large account with complex ramifications.
Frontal presence with the customer allows to grow and maintain customer confidence by always offering more quality in the work carried out.

  • Taking responsibility for an application center for a large account.
    • Realization and defense of quotes in direct connection with the client.
    • Implementation and maintenance of continuous integration (Jenkins, Sonar, Nexus), as well as internal development, IS based on Ansible.
    • Creation and maintenance of OpenAM SSO.
  • Realization of structuring Docker containers in customer IS.
  • Implementation, realization, and analysis of Performance shots based on HPPerfCenter or Gatling.
  • JEE / Liferay and JEE / AEM application development for a large sensitive account.

Sopra Steria – 2012-2016

Sopra Steria – Analyst Programer

Toulouse (31) – France


Development of all technical and human facets related to DevOps as well as Cybersecurity security.

A strong relationship with other project teams in view of a transverse position in the structure of the company. But also with large account customers, with IS vulnerable to industrial espionage. Application cybersecurity audit, the definition of software architectures.

Progression in a majority of development languages ​​and in-depth knowledge of Linux operating systems

  • Realization of a commercial application of Live Reporting of IS attacks based on HPFortify. Application made in PHP – Symfony.
  • Implementation of application audits based on code analysis as well as penetration tests via ZAPProxy.
  • Definition and realization of an application forge based on Jenkins, Redmine, and GitLab.
  • Development of a Capacity Planning web application dedicated to the management of 400 people.

LAAS – CNRS – 2011-2011

LAAS – CNRS – Developer

Toulouse(31) – France


Carrying out experimental research activities on micro components of sanitation networks.

Quick handling of an unknown subject not directly related to IT. Realization with a public budget of the application part of a large-scale project with high visibility.

  • Analytical research on the micro components of sanitation networks.
  • Creation of a heavy client for the collection and analysis and reporting of the data collected
    by underground sensors.
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DevOps– Cloud Provider
– Clusters
– Automation
– Logs – Monitoring
– Intégration Continue
– Infrastructure
Kubernetes, Docker
Helm, CloudFormation, ControlTower
Datadog, ElasticSearch
Jenkins, SonarQube, ArgoCD
Terraform, Ansible, Salt
Languages– ScriptingPython, Shell, Groovy
Systems– RedHat World
– Debian World
CentOs, Fedora, RHEL
Debian, Ubuntu, Kali, Alpine
CyberSecurity– Test suite
– Reporting
ZapProxy, BurpSuite
HPFortify, IBM AppScan


Master II – Titre Niveau I – Master of Science
Option: Application security

Supinfo Université internationale

Toulouse (31) – France

Obtaining a general engineering degree focused on software development. I did a specialization option focused on application security.

BTS Informatique de Gestion
Option: Networking and infrastructure

Institut Limayrac

Toulouse (31) – France

Obtaining a Higher Technician’s Certificate focused on IT infrastructure networking.